Sky Broadband FTTC Speed Going Slower


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I was going to leave Sky when the price went up from £25 for 58-70 Mb to £27.50 but they gave me a £36 credit which meant the monthly average will be £25.50. I can live with that.

However. My speed about 6 months ago was 59mb at the router according to Sky. Then a few months ago it went down to 53 and now its 51. My minimum is 53 so I get one of a maximum two monthly bills credited. But they are sending out an engineer tomorrow as they admit it's weird. As usual the router reading never varies daily but stays solid for ever. Except for this incremental decrease. It's been 51 for 3 weeks now. I have the option to leave Sky at any time because of it but generally their service is good. I'm on FTTC and a LLU exchange so its all Sky equipment there. I've got the 4 ethernet port SkyQ router which appears to be OK. The decrease is so slow and stays steady for a while it makes me wonder what it is. If its throttling then its doubly weird as they have now given me the option to leave without penalty. And they say in their blurb that they do not throttle. So its hard to imagine they do or would in my case

Anyone experienced similar ?
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Only if a stability profile is being applied (automatically most often) - but I would have expected them to see that if that was the case.

Otherwise a slow degeneration of something in the copper part of delivery. In your modem can you see the connection statistics? Do they give an estimated copper line length or db readings? If those change the connection synch speed will change proportionally too. If the copper is underground a pit may be filling with water. If overhead there may be a join degrading.


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I thought something similar as well. I'll update when the engineer has been

Currently my settings are

Noise : 6.1dB

Line Attenuation: D1 10.4dB, D2 25.3dB, D3 39.3dB

No estimated copper length but I'm about 150 yards from the cabinet
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I've had a Sky engineer and Openreach engineer out and they did the usual checks and tests. Happy with the pair of them as they were diligent and did a good job. As a network engineers I was able to look the at the Openreach engineers tests and understand what was happening. He even let me walk the 150 yards to the cabinet to watch him do his tests there. Which was great.

It appears that the cabinet is getting the full fibre speed from the exchange but not down the copper. His assumption is that capacity in the cab is at maximum and the DSLAM is reducing the speed for all users to spread the load. I think this affects all providers. I tried TalkTalk who do an actual line test on their website and they say I will only get 43-46Mb with them. So this looks like someone, Openreach ?, need to upgrade the cabinet

I will write to the CEO of Sky suggesting that an ever decreasing speed on fibre is not a good situation and at this rate we will be on ADSL2+ speeds before long. This is fibre for heavens sake. Obviously FTTP is the answer but that's going to happen anytime soon. I wonder is this is the dirty secret that is kept under wraps in all the over hyped rush to fibre ?

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