Sky box turns on, but only blue screen ?


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Hi, I switched on my HB box this morning and my screen went blue and thats my lot ! The remote control receive led flashes when you press the remote buttons, so thats working, but no matter what else you do with the remote or the front panel controls, I just get the blue screen.I have tried a power reset several times, and I have forced a software update just in case, and the update graphics appeared on the screen, hence the video output is connected correctly, but still no picture/menu. It looks like this is a dead one! Any ideas ?

Regards Dave


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Depending on what interface type you are using (HDMI?) then you could try connecting component or scart temporarily to see if the picture is then shown OK. You can then start to deduce that the HDMI connection is broken. I assume you don't get any HDCP messages up?


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I had a dark blue screen this week on my Sky+ box (after a lockup and power off/on cycle). All outputs showed the same, strange dark blue screen.
It took 3 forced software downloads to get the box working.


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Thanks for the advice gents. I have checked the scart output and that is the same, blue only. I have forced a backup several times, all to no avail. So I gave up and rang my local Sky installer, and guess what, when he turned up today, the box worked perfectly :eek: So we are all a bit stumped by this. Well at least its working now, but at 6 weeks old, it doesn't fill me full of confidence for the future.:thumbsdow

Thanks all, Dave

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