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Sky box - remote channel changing

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by philmackereth, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. philmackereth


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    Is there a way to change channels on my sky box from another room in the house?
    Sky box in lounge, second tv in kitchen, linked by RF output from sky box.

    I heard there might be a way to send a signal back down the RF lead.

    Any ideas?
  2. bobgriffiths


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    All you need is a Sky TV link magic eye these common accsessorie are sold at lots of places including ASDA B&Q Argos etc

    How do I install my new Magic Eye (TV Link)?

    Step 1
    Turn your digibox off at the main power supply.
    Step 2
    Run your cable from the back of your digibox to the second TV using the appropriate connectors.
    Step 3
    Plug the Magic Eye (TV Link) onto the end of the cable and then into the RF input on the back of your TV.
    Step 4
    Plug the cable into RF 2 on the back of your digibox and switch the digibox back on, then look to see if the red light has illuminated on the Magic Eye (TV Link), if it has then all you need to do now is tune your second TV to the appropriate channel. If however the light did not come on then please continue with the following steps.
    Step 5
    Press services on your Sky remote control.
    Step 6
    Select "System Setup" (Number 4).
    Step 7
    Press 0 (Zero), 1 then select on your Sky remote control.
    Step 8
    Select "RF Outlets" (Number 4).
    Step 9
    Turn the "RF Outlet Power Supply" on by pressing the green right arrow key on your remote control, then go down to "Save New Settings". The little red light should now be on and it should be working OK.
    This allows you to watch the same channel as in the main room not different SKY channels .

    Do not pass the new coax link signal through a video in the second room as this filters out the Remote signal also dont send it through an aerial amp as some of these filter out the remote signal too

    this is the sort of thing your looking for

    (i am not related in anyway to the linked dealer its just an example)

    links cost around £15.00-£30.00 and sky sell a pack of a second remote and a link.
    hope this helps Bob

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