Sky+ Box Rear Panel Ports Layout

The Vin

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Hello All,

I've a Sky+ box being installed in the next week & am looking to get some cables ordered up in readyness.

Does anyone have a link to a picture of a rear panel showing the layout ? I'm not sure whether it's got component/scart/etc... Are there different versions of the box ? I'm told I'll get 40 hours worth of recording if that helps denote which version I'm getting.

Thanks, Gav.


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On mine it has 2 scart outs ( one for tv other for recorder). Also has S-Video out RF out. Left and right audio out via phono and digital optical out.

Hope that helps.


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All Sky+ boxes have the following usable rear connectors

TV scart RGB or Composite
VCR scart Composite
S-video output
Digital Audio Out - Toslink
Twin RCA/Phono audio out
RF in
RF1 and RF2 out (RF2 usable with magic eye and coax cable to control box from another room)
Telephone connector
Mains connector - figure of 8 type cable


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Yep 2 scart sockets (RGB enabled), svideo socket, phono out -audio, optical out - audio, 2 lnb (dish) connectors, 1 phone connection, 1 9 pin serial connector (I think, not used), a RF (aerial) in, 2 aerial outs (RF2 has power for magic eye controller), a power connector and a USB connector that isnt used.
40hrs should be a newer version, that had 'spare' capacity for Sky to store programs for you.

If you can use the Scart with RGB selected as an output from the picture menu. It should give you the best picture as long as your display (TV, projector etc) has an RGB input, next best is the Svideo connector and last is the composite via Scart.

Good luck and have fun.


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Wrong only the TV Out scart is RGB capable - the VCR scart is composite video only

The Vin

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Thanks everyone :thumbsup:

Was hoping for optical for digital sound (into my surround sound) & SCART RBG will be fine (into my new TV) :)

My new Sony 40X Series has digital sound out but apparently this only works if you use the in-built FreeView. Pleased the Sky+ will give me digital sound direct :)

Thanks again, Gav.

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