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Sky box providing analogue and freeview signal to rest of house?


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Hi all,

I've tried a bit of a search but not really sure what terms I should be using!

Basically my mum has moved into a new house where there was a Sky box with a couple of months left on it before the end of the contract was up. Now the contract has expired the previous owner has collected her Sky+ box to have in her new home.

The only problem now is, it's as if the Sky box was powering even the normal terrestrial and freeview channels for the other TVs located elsewhere around the house, because as soon as the Sky box was removed, we've been unable to pick up even a basic BBC channel on analogue.

So I guess my question here is, were the TVs located elsewhere somehow getting a normal terrestrial/freeview signal from the Sky box, rather than from the antenna on top of the house? (there were no other sky boxes connected up to the other tvs)

If so - we were hoping to switch to Virgin. Any ideas if their box can do the same? Main reason for needing such a thing is because it seems my mums house is in a TV deadspot - connecting the current TVs up to what I assume is the cable connected to the house antenna gives us no channels, nor does a good quality set-top :(

Many thanks for any help! :)

Stevenage Neil

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There should be two co-ax cables where the Sky box was located, (as well as the two satellite cables). One is the aerial, the other feeds the rest of the house.

Connect them together. You should then be able receive terrestrial TV on all the other TV's


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Yes it's more than likely that this is the case. The setup before would have allowed you to distribute Sky to each of the other rooms as well.


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Thanks for the help everyone, got it working now :thumbsup: Must've tried all the extension cables and given up by the time I'd reached the proper cable (didn't help it only consisted of a cable with a copper wire sticking out instead of a proper connector!)

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