Sky box has died, can I just buy another.....


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Our (amstrad) box has no power at all (psu?) and rather than go through Sky I was wondering whether we could source a box from elsewhere (I may buy a cheap ebay one for emergencies). Are there any setup issues or is it just a case of putting my card in the new box?

If it is hassle I'll just go through Sky.

It is only std Sky (not Sky +) so can you recommend any receivers?

Thanks in advance.


*edit* think i found the answer...

so i can probably use any box (my dad happens to have upgraded to sky+ and has a spare)

Chris Muriel

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Yes - but you should have posted your question in one of the dedicated Sky sections.
See sticky thread/message at the top of this section.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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Oh sorry, didn't realise.

Could someone please move it to the correct forum?



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