sky+ box for freeview?


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:confused: Hi can anyone help or direct me to a link... I have heard that I can use my old sky+ box for freeview through the aerial. Is this correct?
I have sky hd now and have been told not to get rid of the old box as it can be used for this....


hi, as far as i know it is imposible to use a sky box for terrestrial tv, they are incompatible,

like trying to use a cable box, for sky tv.

also satellite tv works differently to terrestrial, and cable, in the way that with terrestrial tv and cable, the supply cable can be split between many devices easily.

But with satellite, if you want to add another box you cannot split the cable, you need to take a new feed from the LNB, i cannot give you the technical details because i dont know how it works 100%

I know i have gone off the subject, but it shows that they are 2 different types of system. However i am no professional and somebody who knows more maybe able to proove me wrong.


what you can get which is "like" freeview, is freesat. you can get this from sky for free, but you will need to check your LNB can support another connection from another box,


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You could just get a Freeview box if you have an aerial and live in a Freeview reception area. Asda have been selling them for £20.


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If you want the recording functionality, you'll still need to pay the 10 quid a month. It can be difficult findoing someone at Sky who can arrange this - people have been told its not possiblt to have Sky+ with Freesat but enough people on here have it for it to be possible.

The channel line up on Freesat is a bit different to Freeview.


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Yes, just to amplify that last point:

A Sky+ box will not record anything unless you pay Sky for the privilege. You can use it as a simple receiver without payment, but not as a recorder.

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