Sky+ box doesn't respond to any key presses


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Find this forum excellent for info but feel all I'm doing is complaining about Sky+!! Oh well here we go again...............went to turn box on this morning, light turned green and then got a blue screen. The box wouldn't respond to any presses of any keys on remote or even on front of box. Was like this for about an hour and eventually had to turn off at mains and then back on which sorted problem. This is 2nd time this has happened although first time it was during viewing and we kept the picture alright but the box wouldn't change channel, turn off etc.. Has anyone had this happen?? Already done software upgrade and hasn't sorted it.
Got $ky coming on thurs but not sure if i want another Amstrad box. Def do not want a Thomson as already had first one replaced due to excessive noise (know someone else with a Thomson that is dead noisy aswell). Ideally like a Pace box but of course it depends what he's got in his van. Am i entitled to refuse a box if he's only got Thomson & Amstrad? Argued with last engineer who came out coz he said that all boxes were same. With the help of this forum I have gathered that Pace are meant to be the best (and the most expensive to build and that's why engineers don't carry many of them in the van!!). Has anyone got some cold hard facts I could hit the engineer with with regards to Pace being the most reliable.
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you can try to refuse the box if you want, but it clearly states in the T's&C's that Sky selects your equipment.

As for Engineers not carrying many, the Engineer will be given so many insrtalls and he'll go to his lockbox in the morning and take out however many Sky+ installs he has. he doesn't really have any control over what boxes he gets either.


You are perfectly entitled to refuse the box that the guy brings. There is a job cancellation code for 'customer refused equipment'. You can then call Sky back and try and get them to annotated the rebooked job 'Pace box only'. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It all depends on if you get a Sky employee, or a subbie turn up to do the job.


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Cheers. Completely understand that the engineers just pick up whatever boxes they can and have no real choice in that matter. Think it's just down to fate whether he has pace boxes in his van or not. I would def not have another Thomson but would probably accept another Amstrad. Mind you just read thread posted after mine where someone is complainig of excessive noise from a pace box. Thinking now it is total pot luck whether you get a 100% ok box in terms of noise and reliability!!

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