sky box died, i think

i have had sky hd since last june , i had no problems with it untill last night it was set up to record to shows at the same time , i wasnt watching anything so it was on standby , i was working on my pc , and i could hear both fans start up then i heard a click , and then nothing happend untill 30 seconds later , and it kept doing this , it seemed like it kept cutting out , so i unplugged it and did a forced update on it, and it worked fine for the rest of the night , but today the same thing was happening again , tried to do the update but this time nothing , it seems as if it is just about to start up then it cuts out , i phoned sky and they will send a engineer out on thursday , i just wondered if anyone else has ever had the same problem:)


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Mine has not died (yet), but yesterday when I came in from being away over easter and with the box in standby. I noticed the fan was running. The unit had recorded a programme on Friday, so presumably after recording and going to standby on Friday the fan had remained running. I removed the power lead from the back of the box, replaced it and the fan did not restart.

I also would like comments from anybody who has experienced this problem.


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