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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by LCD User, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Hi, tried the search but my question wasn't really answered there.

    I am running a freeview box from Scart to single RCA to my Denon 1906 amp and from 1 rca plug to Scart on the Philips PF9986 LCD. I was thinking of getting SKY or SKY + but really hoping for HDTV to come around.
    Can you give me an idea of the connectivity at the back of the SKY boxes?
    Unfortunately I only have a DVI connection on the Philips TV and have to use VGA to component through DVI to run my DVD player. The LCD is seemigly HD ready but worried about the connectivity with SKY HDTV as the Philips connections are not the best - no component connections for a start!

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