Sky box connection to AV amp.



I have recently bought a Pioneer VSX-2014i AV amp. How would I connect a standard sky box to this? Would I need to get a Scart to component cable, as I will be connecting to my Panasonic Plasma, from the Amp, with a component cable?


Be very careful ! Many manufacturers call RGB signals "component", but I suspect that what your plasma requires is Y, Pr, Pb signals. Make sure that any cable that you purchase will give you this. You can't convert RGB to Y, Pr, Pb with mere wiring.


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you can use some av amps for RGB video switching using scart to RGBs cables (4 phonos) and switching the three colours with the component switching and the sync with the composite switching in the amp - if you don't understand the above you should probably just run scart or s-video straight to it though...
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