Sky box and Toshiba XS30 DVD Recorder


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Looking at the documentation for my Toshiba DVD and Hard Disk Recorded (XS30), it would appear it does not have an RGB input on AV2, but it has an RGB output on AV1.

AV1 it connected via SCART to the TV (AV2) and the output under initial settings is set to RGB, which seems to be fine apart from the fact that both DVD's and the Content/Record screen switch to 4:3 mode when started - I have to manually return them to widescreen on the TV (also a Toshiba 36ZP38B).

AV2 on the Recorder is picking up an incoming scart connection from my Panasonic Sky box in order to record from Sky. I have this set to Video. When I change it to S-Video it all goes black and white.

My question is would I be better off having a link from my Panasonic Sky box (SCART) to the incoming S-Video connection on the Tosh Recorder. I'm not even sure if you can get a SCART to S-VIDEO connection lead. Hope this makes sense



Don't know about the tosh but on the Pioneer you have to set the AV2 input to S-Video and the output on the Sky Box will have to be set to S-Video. My Cable box will not output S-Video so I will have to buy a RGB to S-Video converter in order to get S-Video. You can get SCART to S-Video connecter but if you can change the AV2 input then this will not be needed.


very few sky boxes output an s-video signal via the scart

you have three options

record in composite (video)
buy a converter
upgrade to sky+


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buy a converter
IMHO this is the best option. The trouble with most Sky digiboxes is that they output in either RGB (best quality) or Composite (Video) which is the worst quality. S-Video which sits between them (although is substantially better than composite!) is not output unless it is a Sky+ box or one of a tiny number of digiboxes with a round S-Video socket on the back (such as a Grundig model).

Accordingly you need to down-convert the RGB picture to S-Video using a RGB-to-S-Video converter. I'll post a link to one at the weekend if you want or do a search of the forum (I'm on GRPS at the moment so am not going to go trawling over the internet for one right now!). Such a converter will cost around £50.


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You could change to the Grundig Digiboxes with the S-Video small DIN socket. They sell on ebay for anywhere between £40 - £65 like THIS one.

I believe the Grundig models that support S-Video out are as follows but you should double check first.

GDS 210/2
GDS 310/2
GDS 2000
GDS 3000

You can them use a good quality IXOS S-Video to Scart cable like THIS one.

This is the cable I use to connect Sky+ to my Toshiba DR1 recorder and the recorded quality is very good. :smashin:


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Thanks for all the responses. I was thinking of upgrading to Sky + soon anyway so I think I might wait for that and link the two using S-Video.

Now all I need to sort out is why the tosh recorder keeps switching my TV to 4:3 mode when playing a DVD or entering the Record and Content menus. Very irritating!



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My Tosh DR1 does this too. It was lttle annoying but I've gotten used to it now. Although this doesn't happen when playing all DVDs it's only with the Tosh Content, Rec, Edit menus.

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