Sky+ box and fan question..


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Ive had a sky+ box (v2) for a few months now, it seems the fan is on all the time now, i can hear it even when power is off.
Anyone else have the same problem , or is this normal and i havnt heard the fan before ?


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My guess is that you've only just noticed. This is normal behaviour with the v2's when first switched on. Don't know why.

After you switch it off and back on again (at the mains) for the first time the fan should only then come on when necessary.


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Thanks for the reply, ive only noticed it after the box craashed a few days ago and i did turn it off at the mains.
i shall try again and unplug at mains and see if it stops.

Stereo Steve

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Make sure it is the fan you can hear and not the HDD which will make a faint noise. I can hear my HDD from about 6 feet away if the room is really quiet. The fan is much noisier. You can feel if the fan is runnning by putting your hand over the vent in the back.

My box also switched the fan on after a while and it needed a reboot to get it stop. Fine ever since.

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