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Jul 11, 2003
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I have just turned the electricity off and when I turned it back on again I noticed that the fan in my sky+ box was constantly on. Not sure if this due to heat sink so I'll see if it goes off in a mo. More worryingly, when I press Sky+ planner, all the programs had gone and it said the planner was empty. I was about to record some of them onto DVD.....

Is it supposed to lose all programs when you reboot? I'm sure sure I've done it before without this problem.

Also when I press record it says 'System Fault' call Sky. I notice that in the signal test area, the second feed is not locked on. I tried swapping the LNB cables and get the same thing. The fan is still on and I have rebooted 5 or 6 times. My planner is still empty as well.
Sky+ doesnt like having its plug pulled. I've had this prob a couple of times.

You need to do a full system reset and it'll work ok again. Doing that will lose all recordings but thats no prob as theyve already gone.:(
Well, mine did that after a power cut so I rang Customer Services and they talked me through a few things (can't remember the sequence) and hey presto, all my recordings came back. I was very pleased.

Worth giving them a call before you start recording other things.
I have recording back but the fan is still on. The list of recordings is there but they all say 'Failed' and I can only delete them. The only thing is, is that I only have 26% of my HDD left, leading me to believe they are all still there somewhere. Will try a couple more reboots and ring sky tomorrow.

Sky have 24/7 hour customer support dont they?
OK, still no better, have tried housekeeping but it reboots and the fan comes on and recording doesn't work. Now, my problem is that I bought this box second hand off a mate so it was not supplied by Sky. If I phone them, what's the situation with getting a replacement box?
As a subscriber you should get telephone assistance, but if they've not suplied the box, I suspect a bill if they come out. As far as exchange of box goes, manufacturers guarantee, if < 12 months old, consumer rights aren't so hot for a 2nd hand goods. I think your on your own. I may be wrong, but I also think you could sign up for Skys' warranty cover (is it £60 pa?) then they may change the broken box. However they may or may not let you sign up with an existing fault. Or see the list of repairers posted
Thanks, I'll give them a ring and if they can't sort it, I'll try a different hard disk, a few people have said that could be the fault, although I doubt it. I knew when I bought the box that I was knacked if it went wrong but I got it for under £100 so not too worried. It still works fine as a standard box and still outputs DD and Svideo so it may be worth a few quid as it is.

If it's bust I'll probably go for a new install with a new box. and flog this one and the hard drive seperately.
Phoned them and they said it was fine to take the £65 service option for which they would replace my box for a recon job with a 3 month warranty even though they didn't supply it. I decided to take that option. I know it will be a recon box but at least I'll be in the warranty system then if I have further problems.

Guy's coming Monday so I think I'll whip the top off and disconnect the fan from now till Monday morning as it's driving me nuts and never came on before.
It makes me think 'why take out the service' if you can wait till it breaks before joining! It seems like a good deal as even after 3 months presumably they'll repair a fault - I can't see an engineer with a soldering iron, so maybe even exchange rather than leaving you without a box, possibly canceling Sky subsciption pending the repair. Just hope you'll never find out!
The guy said I would never know what was wrong, they would just take it away on the day and fit a recon one with no questions. Can't argue with that. I was concerned that they may charge me the £65 and then say I needed to pay for the repair but apparently not.

I'm a bit dubious about a recon box but I've had this second hand one for 9 months which I bought for £95 and it's been fine so far. So, if I pay the £65, I've paid £150 for 12 months effectively with a warranty, still cheaper than if I had got a new install back then. If there are any fundamental problems with the recon box, I would have thought they would show up during the 3 month warranty period.

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