Sky bids big for Virgin channels


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Quite shocked to see CH4 bidding, exactly where does that sit along side their desperate begging bowl we're going bankrupt hysteria from their suits this year?

It'll be interesting to see if the deal goes through (not a certainty) how it will affect VM's carriage of the current and new SKY channels the former which are in a like for like deal with the VM channels on SKY.


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Frankly this is potentially a bad thing.....Leading to less competition and variety. As far as Virgin go I understand why they are doing this as they are massively in debt. Selling off their TV channels would give them a offset on their debt and they seem to be concentrating on their broandband services.

As I see it Virgin have lost in the TV arena and have just admitted it. If Sky do buy the channels they will use this opportunity to crush Virgin in the TV arena of triple play services as they will be able to make that purchase price money back in licencing fees. Wonder how long the current carriage deals last. Mind you I can't see the regulatory bodies allowing this its most likely typical Sky corporate business practice in driving up the purchase price for anybody else.

This may end up sucking as consumers end up forking out for DSL broadband and seperately end up going to Sky for non freeview content.

I want competition in the pay TV market, its better for us as consumers.
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