Sky Audio streams compressed?


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Can someone confirm if the dynamics of Sky's audio streams are compressed.

I have had 2 boxes now, an Amstrad and a Thomson Sky+ box. On both boxes, I have watched a recording from the hard disk of a movie, and both appear to have squashed dynamics on the audio - that is, the effect one would get from enabling DRC on a DVD player - speech is about the same loudness as effects like explosions.

I know from watching DVDs that this not how the films I watched were authored.

I have tried both from my TV's speakers, and also by routing the optical signal from the Sky receiver into an external DAC and into a high quality hifi system - the effect seems largely the same.

So, does Sky put Dynamic Range Compression into their Audio streams?


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Well since nobody seems to know anything about this (and frankly, given that its a forum about high quality AV equipment, I am absolutely amazed) I can say that it must be the quality of skys broadcasts. Tried it tonight on a 1st generation Sky+ Pace box through my parents home cinema system on a main movie channel (not recorded) and the sound is still much poorer than I expected.

So, without any confirmation, I'd say that Sky's audio is very compressed. Hope this might help someone.

Yours, flabbergasted that nobody else has noticed, Paul.

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