Sky Arts coming to Freeview in SD.


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Sky Arts is coming to Freeview channel 11 on September 17. Standard definition (aka really, really low quality) only. Do people watch SD channels? In this day and age it's a travesty. I would imagine the vast majority of TVs are capable of at least 720p. It's not for a lack of bandwidth of Freeview, it's even worse on Freesat. What a waste of time. HD is still seen as a premium offering and even Sky charges extra for HD capability over and above the channels also available on Freeview.


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It's a welcome addition to Freeview, but a wasted opportunity in SD. I watch almost no SD content at all these days, since upgrading from a 1080p plasma to a larger 4K OLED and discovering just how bad poor SD can look.

With fibre broadband becoming more common, cheaper and reaching more and more areas, it's clear that the days of terrestrial TV are numbered. It'll obviously continue for a fair while as there are still plenty of people without access to high speed internet or older folk without the desire to access it at all, but I can't see them investing too much in it in future. It seems very much to me a case of just 'keeping it going'.
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Do people watch SD channels?

Yes, in their millions, because the vast majority of the great viewing public neither know nor care about picture quality.

On a forum like this, it's very easy to believe that everyone thinks like we do, wanting HD (or 4K) everything, but just consider all the viewing done on smart phones these days.

Even Mrs TG (with 20 year's training!) still watches BBC1 on 101 rather than 115, because she can't see the difference. :facepalm:

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