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I've had Sky Anytime since it was launched. It regularly updates the programmes available.

BUT...... If i go into the planner and press red for anytime, each time i move down the list of programmes available, the screen flashes a number of times before it shows the preview in the top right. It's as if it's trying to sort out the resolution or something.

I have my HDMI output set to 1125i, and have a Pioneer plasma.

It makes anytime un-useable.

Is anyone else having this problem?


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From the Pioneer FAQ on this very board ...
Q: Why when I select 720p in my DVD player connected via HDMI does my Pioneer say 750p in the info banner? Same with 1080i showing 1125i? Same with 576i showing 625i?
A: You're not getting extra resolution, this relates to the hidden lines of data that are being added to the number.

1125 raster lines of which 1080 are active active. These provide subcode for audio content, video phrasing, etc etc


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Sorry, thought it looked rather strange typo :D

But the original post did say
I have my HDMI output set to 1125i, and have a Pioneer plasma.
............I take output in this case to mean the setting in the HD box menu not what the screen indicates is being input........:rolleyes:


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I get the exact same problem here. At the moment everything goes through my amp, and it reminds me of what the amp does when I switch inputs, likes it got to figure it self out again.

My Sky HD Box is outputting 1080i, like it always has, not even on auto, so I can't see why the anytime thing should cause these kinds of problems.

It unuseable as is, so I don't use it!


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I have the same issue............The odd thing is, I swear I never had the issue for the first week of it going live.......and I changed my amp to pioneer one a week or 2 ago....



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I heard somewhere that this was a problem with the HDMI passing through an AV amp, If you connect directly t othe display it doesn't happen but if you go through an amp via HDMI it flickers slightly, Different lengths of flicker depending on the equipment, mine is just a brief dip but others it goes off for a few seconds.

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