Sky+ any good?

Sky+ any good?

  • Mutts Nuts

    Votes: 40 85.1%
  • Ok

    Votes: 6 12.8%
  • Crap

    Votes: 1 2.1%

  • Total voters


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Lots of you good people have it and i just want to know is it the muts nuts or over hyped crap! I have a nomal sky box and is it worth upgrading. Thanks in advance. Mark

trevor g

a friend has had two so far fitted by sky themselves both units
load of trouble -hard drive/missed recordings ect


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Had it over 12 months now and absolutely no problems - one of the best bits of A/V hardware I've ever had.



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Had it since launch and paid the £10 a month for two years before getting the fee waived for subscribing to a suitable package. It that doesn't demonstrate my views of the system and it's reliabilty then nothing will:)

However in all honesty I have to accept that there are far too many problems arsing from software and hardware issues.
Better build quality, more stringent customer service with no recycling of broken hardware back into the supply chain and SKY's acceptance that supporting HD upgrades is the better long term option than writing code that is not HD upgrade friendly should all be addressed.


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Pause live tv on an advert channel, start watching 20 mins later, finish watching at the same time by fast forwarding through all the ads and crap. Excellent


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I have to admit that its very good. The picture is the best I've ever seen and the sound is excellent.
The box has crashed twice in the two and half weeks I've had it (freezes, you have to pull the power out).

It has allowed us to timeshift everything to suit our hours and thats brilliant.

I should point out that we had no alternative to Sky as we cannot get any other reception and that I was utterly sick of VHS.

But there's still nothing on....


glad to hear most people think sky+ is good as i am having it it installed on easter sunday, maybe now i will actually get to watch a film or two, as there never seems too be any on at the time i want to watch them



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My best buy last year! Not without some problems, but if you get it you wont regret it. - That is if you enjoy normal Sky, it doesn't improve what they sometimes show. However soon it'll be that stacked with juicy recordings, you should be able to fill the flat spots.


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Originally posted by trevor g
a friend has had two so far fitted by sky themselves both units
load of trouble -hard drive/missed recordings ect

do you have one or have you had one?

I notice quite a few anti Sky+ comments from you.

If you have one fair enough though I do feel owners or ex-owners only should comment in such polls.

Greg Hook

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I absolutely love Sky+, ok it messed up once or twice, but on the whole it is very reliable.

It has totally changed my TV watching, no longer do the schedules affect what I do of an evening, I can easily set whole series to record and programmes I want to watch I can start into it late.

Skipping past the adverts is a godsend too. In fact when watching something live and adverts come on I instinctively go for the FF button now!

Although there is no fee for Sky+ (on my package), after having it a few months, I would pay extra for it, if Sky changed their pricing.

Plus when you record something with a red dot on Sky+, the red dot is not there when you view the recording as there was with VHS.



Having been forced to live without it since the 12 March due to house move , you dont realise how much you miss it when its not there


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Hmm, still no response from trevorg to my post. Wonder who the one negative is so far??????


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Big step up from a VCR, but the software is WAAAAAYYYYY too shabby to consider the unit as gr8!

Its OK but nothing more...................

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