sky+ and two feed cables.


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i read somewhere that when u have sky plus
installed the sky man
will have to check your dish for twin sources.
and run 2 cables to your reciever.

is this still the case.

all do the new units have the capability
to do this internally.

if he does have to upgd your dish
does this involve hidden costs?




Sky+ does need two separate feeds from your dish,a s it actually has two internal receivers. One for the channel you are watching / live recording / pausing and one for the main recording part.

If you do not have the second feed then the recording, with the exception of live pause, will not work.


They will upgrade the LNB on the dish (to put it crudely, the little block on the end of the stick that faces outwards from the dish). It is all included in the installation charge.

The current cable from the dish to the box will be taken off the bouse and will be replaced by a 'shotgun' cable.' (two cables stuck together).

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