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I currently have Sky Digital and use TV link/second remote control to watch Sky in another room.

I would like to get Sky+. Will the TV link still work? Assuming it does, would I need another Sky+ controller?



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The link works, the remote only minimaly - channel + & - with a bit of fessing. (I can't remember how, now) So yes you want a 2nd mote. (try Ebay or Sky themselves)


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Excellent - thank you both for your help. I have just arranged delivery of Sky+ for next Friday and have ordered an RC from Maplin.


Old remote to change channel on a sky plus box This depend on which Sky remote you have there have been at least three versions

The sequence is:
• TV
• Blue+select led flash twice
• 2
• Select
• Sky
Now the sky remote up and down channel buttons change the channels on a sky+ box.
To revert back, enter this sequence again but press the zero button instead of "2".

if that doesnt work try this

1.Press T.V. button on your original remote yellow and select together until the led on the remote flashes twice. "1"
4. press select the led flashes twice the blue button

There you have it your remote should change your channels from the point. if it doesnt you will have to buy a new remote

Good luck:D

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