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I have two queries, both of which involve Sky+. Any help would be appreciated.

Firstly, I have heard that you can change the hardrive on Sky+, thus gaining greater storage capacity. Any comments?

Secondly, I have a Toshiba 28MW7DB tv which has a built in 5.1DD amp. It has 2 digital inputs - 1 (coax) for my DVD player and 1 (optical) for Sky+. I have to tell the tv which one is using the 5.1 at any given time, which isn't really a problem. If I'm watching a DVD it's also no problem. However, when watching Sky+ I first have to unplug the coax, otherwise I get no sound. Does anyone out there have any ideas on how to overcome this? Many thanks for any suggestions.
Q1: Yes you can upgrade the HDD in a Sky+ box pretty easily. Do a search on this forum for "sky" "upgrade" and you'll find the threads.

Q2: Your TV maybe made to favour the coax, if it has a signal it will try and use it. Try turning your DVD player off, not just on standby, but actually off. I know my pioneer has a full off switch on the front. This should mean that no signal at all is going though the coax and should hopefully fool the TV into thinking that the coax's not plugged in. Not a great solution but better than having to pull the coax lead out each time.

Too Tall.
Too tall, thanks for the info. As far Q2, I actually switch the power off at the wall when my DVD is not in use. However, this makes no difference. Thanks anyway.

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