Sky and Telephone Line


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Kinda fed up with a number of issues with NTL, so I am considering swapping to Sky.

What's the deal with having the box connected to the telephone line?

Is this compulsory? and can i keep my exisiting phone connection if i wanted (i.e. ntl) or would i need to change to BT?

Thanks for your help guys..and girls


years ago it had to be a bt line, but now ntl is fine

thats what i have

if you have more than one box they must be plugged into same phone line/number.

ie. i have ntl phone line upstairs and bt down stairs aswell as 2 sky boxes but they are both plugged into the ntl line.

hope this helps

ps. its to stop you getting a £10 mirror sub with full channels and selling it to your mate who lives else where.


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Thanks for that jmack...that makes the decision quite a bit easier!! Wahoo sky+ here we come!

Can you disconnect the line at all...just imaging the kids running up a nice little bill with betting or something! lol


after the first 12 months you can.

or you can straight away and risk getting billed:eek: :eek:


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I think they usually warn you first before billing etc, if it's not connected to the phone, but the installer will want to connect it on day one. It seems that they will check after, but how often who knows? I believe it's done at night, so disconnecting through the day for the kids, then reconnecting would probably be ok. But basicaly I'm not sure.


Unless you have a mirror sub its next checked!

I have done many installs for family and its next come up, if sky do get in contact they would give you 3 warning before a charge.

If they phone you just say you were re-decorating and so the box is unpluged, If you do not want the installer putting cable through your house my dad said BT were comming out latter that day to install a socket near the box, the installer was fine with that and just gave us 2 meteres of cable to connect the box.

Go for it, getting sky plus was one of the best things ive ever done :)


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You could also connect it straight away on installation and ask the installer nicely how to make the box do a call out. That way it will be seen as connected to a phone line, then you can disconnect it for a while of you like.

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