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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by AV Freak, Nov 8, 2002.

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    Does anyone have their PS2 linked through their Sky + box and then onwards into either a TV or a Plasma with seperate optical outs into a surround sound receiver????

    If so how have you linked the PS2 into the Sky + Box?

    Many thanks
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    Do you have anything, such as a VCR, connected to the second scart on the Sky+ box? If not, then could just connect a scart lead from the PS2 to the 2nd scart on the Sky+. The 'VCR' scart on the Sky+ should accept an RGB signal from the PS2 and pass it through to the TV. This should work both when the Sky+ is on and when it is in stanby (assuming that the PS2 can generate a switching signal signal through the scart connection).

    If you have a VCR connected to the Sky+, then can see two options:

    1) if the VCR has two scarts, and one of them will pass through an RGB input to the other (check the manual), then plug the PS2 scart lead into this socket on the VCR. Should find (hopefully) that when the Sky+ and the VCR are both in standby, the PS2 video signal will pass through to the TV.

    2) if the VCR is lacking a suitable scart, then could use a scart switch box. Would need to get one capable of handling RGB (the cheaper ones are composite video only). Would be easiest if equipped with automatic switching rather than manual, to save you having to get up and press the button when you want to switch sources.

    The output from this switch box could be plugged into the 'VCR' scart on the Sky+. Input 1 on the switch would be the VCR, with the PS2 on input 2. As an alternative, could use the switch plugged directly into the scart on the TV (RGB-enabled one), with one input for Sky+ and the other for the PS2.

    Hope this is of use. :)

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