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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by smithir, Jun 4, 2004.

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    New to this AV world so please stick with me but I need some advice

    I am connecting my DVD which has a component output and my SKY+ which has no component output into my AMP.

    My Plasma will be 8m away and I was hoping to run just one Component from my amp to it. It appears I can use a Cypress GGBtoYUV gizmo so the AMP is fed component from both sources and this means they can both travel along the component out to the Plasma.

    The other option is run S video from SKY to amp and amp to Plasma ( I think)

    Any comments on the cyprus box, whether there is a better way or general advise would be much appreciated

    Tthanks in advance

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    Hello Smithir

    As per your other thread converting RGB2YUV is pretty commonplace with users of the forums - your choice of converter is not one too many folk on here use so not much feedback to say if its good or bad.

    Using your VSX-AX5i as a YUV switcher works very well - the video switching on the Pioneer is pretty clean; though only having two YUV inputs on this size of chassis is a pain.

    Running short cables between you two sources and the AV Receiver and then an 8m YUV to HD15 cable to the plasma will be fine.

    As before I'd go with VanDamme if you want high quality affordable and if you want something better then we have the BetterCables Silver Serpent which are somewhat more costly but do deliver on image quality.

    Best regards


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