sky and my panasonic viera tx l42s10b


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I'm new to the site and hoping for a little help! I have a panasonic viera tx l42s10b that i have owned for just under a year. 90% of the time i love the TV and never notice a picture problem but occasionally when watching a sky program via my sky+ box i get what i can only describe a pixalation (break up of the picture into tiny squares). it only happens via sky (not when watching blu ray etc) and it's only with certain scenes eg fast moving water or an explosion.
of late its really started to bug me! I'll confess I'm not the worlds best tec head, can anyone give me advice or help?
thanks in advance!


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The first thing to check is your signal on the sky box.

Go to Services. Press 4. Press 6. Ideally the signal should be 80% strength and 60-70% quality. You may notice a drop in signal during heavy rain/snow. I know that last night, I couldn't pick up Channel 5 due to a heavy snow shower.

It could be that your dish needs realligned, although it seems strange it only happens with certain scenes. Check your signal and report back.
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A few other things to check. Are you using a decent SCART cable? No need to spend a fortune. The Thor is a good quality cable. Make sure you're connecting from the TV SCART socket and the box is set to RGB, SCART Control On and 16:9 within the picture settings menu.

Do you know anyone else with Sky? Perhaps try their box (inc. card) on your TV and vice versa.

Do you have any wireless devices in the house that may be interfering with the picture e.g. Wifi, DECT phones etc.?


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I must say my scart lead is quite old and probably wasn't best qualaty when I got it!

I've just ordered the Thor one you recommended, don't know why I didn't think about this but I'm guessing it may well make a big difference.

When you say Make sure the box is set to RGB, SCART Control On... thats the sky box right?


I do have wifi but this is not set up in the same room.

thanks for you help and suggestions so far.

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