Sky+ and HD remotes, are they IrDA or standard IR?


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Jul 30, 2003
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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but looking to buy an IR extender and I need to know the answer in order not to buy the wrong one.

I am hoping that Sky+ and Sky HD are standard IR.

Thanks :clap:
hahaha! Well thats wrong...been using it without a problem for the last 5 months :D They say compatible with sky+ ....the two controllers use the same IR commands (I didn't need to reprogram my pronto when I went from + to HD and I can use my SKY + controller with the HD box).

The Pyrimid has a phono type socket on the back so you can connect one of those wire things to it. I have it controlling about 6 different things in two cupboards :) ...been really impressed by how strong the receiver is...I thought i'd need more transmitters but it manages to send a signal to equipment on different shelves without any very clear line of sight. I use the wire thingy to go into another cupboard and control the equipment in that.

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