SKY + and HD in brand new house.

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I know it has been asked a number oftimes in this forum but was hoping anyone on here has up to date information.

I am moving house to a brand new property and would like my Sky HD, multi room with Sky + and a magic eye link to kitchen all installed...Obviously new dish needed. I have been with Sky for ten years and was wondering the chances they would do this for free....

If not does anyone know what sort of cost i'd be looking at or would it be best to cancel with Sky and open up new accounts say in the wife's name..

Any up to date info would be much appreciated



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Has no one got any idea's sure a lot of people on this forum must have encountered this


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They'll offer to do it for a fee (either £40 or £50), you say to them that you'll just cancel your Sky account because the new house supports cable, then they'll offer to put the dish up and do the wiring for free. They'd rather continue getting your monthly subscription and waive the house move fee, than risk losing you altogether.

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