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I have had sky + for almost a year now and about 4 months ago I decided to use my original digital box in the living room on the extra subscription package. just last week the original box went off and I was quoted £75 pound for a repair so I decided to ring sky and order a brand new box to replace this one that had gone off.
Last monday (2nd December) my new box was installed in place of the one which went off and it came with a new card. in the meantime I was looking at my statement on the sky customer service channel and i saw a charge of £10.65 for "New veiwing option". I called sky to ask what the charge was for as I have only replaced my old box that went off and not actually changed my veiwing package at all. Sky told me that they now have me down for 3 active veiwing cards when in fact I am only using 2. I now need to write a letter explaining what has happened in order to get this mess sorted. I have even told sky that they can have the card that is no longer being used back.

Does anybody else have trouble with Sky ??? or is it just me ???
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Sounds like SKY CS got confused or made a mistake when they took the order for a second box, instead of just the second box it must have been flagged as second box with mirror subscription.
There mistake and as far as I know a smartcard is not sent out pre-activated, so it might take a while to get CS to understand but I can't see any problem returning the card and getting a refund unless you've activated it yourself.
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