SKY + and dvdr OR SKY and HDD DVDR


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May 4, 2002
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What are your thoughts?

Would you recommend that I buy SKY+ and a DVD Recorder


Use my Normal Sky and buy a DVD HDD Recorder?

Also I'm considering buying a 2nd hand HS2. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in Advance.
If you plan to archive TV programmes you will need editing facilities on the HDD of a DVDR or on a PC

The HDD on a DVDR is far simplier and requires less faffing about

The Poineer is currently the most advanced of the HDD versions it is around the 650 mark. The Toshiba is excellent value at under £500. Both are much better options than the HS2 IMO
sorry misread your original post

I would definitely go for SKY+ AND a HDD DVDR

if you can not afford both get sky+ now and a dvdr later

Perhaps you could aquire a cheap second hand E30 / E50 until you can afford a HDD version
I prefer the HDD of the HS2 over the others, I know this is subjective but I tend to record most footy matches and edit out the breaks or certain tv progs, do the same and dump to -R when neccesary.
I don't watch so much telly that I need to have multi recorders, I can get buy with Sky for recording and Freeview for viewing when recording.
Again, all subjective on how much telly you watch
I don't watch as much telly as I used to, but the ability to just point and click to set Sky+ to record is unbeatable.
You can also record 2 things and watch a third.

If you rent 3 movies a month at the moment then put this towards the Sky+ subscription for the movie channels and you no longer pay the contentious £10 a month extra. It does add up though. Then again, Sky+ was £199 a month+subscription, so at least the up front box is quite cheap.

Sky+ records approx 22-24 hours at broadcast quality, the current/next Panasonic-HD recorderwill only record 17hours in top quality.
I bought an E50 at the current very good prices and am waiting for the 160Gb and above HD/DVD-R's hopefully by the end of the year.

I have used the HS2 and the Pioneer 5100 as well as Sky+.Any archiving means you need a HDD/DVDR combo for editing.With Sky+ offering an average of 20 hours storage,the 3 hours less on current HDD devices is unimportant.
Editing on the HS2 and the 5100 is equal,but the 5100 offers the advantage of thumbnails on DVD-R as well as the excellent extra of high speed copying.As long as you know the length of your final edit,the HSC knocks spots off the HS2.What used to take 7.5 hours on that now takes 45 minutes.If you want to do proper editing,a DVDR withpout a HDD is worse than useless.
Originally posted by Ged
I prefer the HDD of the HS2 over the others

you prefer the option of the HS2 HDD over over HDD DVDRs or Sky+

I would never choose my HDD DVDR over sky+ not a chance

however, there is no way the HS2 is a better option over a tosh or pioneer if someone has sky+
Sky+ is tops for recording off Sky and if push comes to shove you can sit there and manually edit with your dvdr pause button,but if editing is a regular thing,a HDD/DVDR combo is essential.My HS2 is about 4-5 months old.I will sell it for £425.I can deliver if you are not too far away.It has a 12 month warranty.
Well all things considered, from my experience, apart from the footy there is little to miss live and exclusively live.
As I said all things are relative.
It all depends on how much you watch and the repeat frequency of the program.
On a personal note Sky+ sounds great but what is there to record whilst watching which doesn't get repeated, even the Spurs v City match was on endlessly the next couple of hours later.
once you go sky+ there is no going back

even if it does **** up the occasional recording like it did tonight for me

you would be suprised how little is repeated

well ok loads but sometimes not for an age
Providing you don't want to do a lot of editing I would definately go for the Sky + and DVDR combo.

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