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    Have purchased sky (not sky+) and want to be able to record multiple sky programmes onto DVD i.e maybe sky one then later from sky sports and need to know the equipment I need in order to do this. Do I have to buy sky+ and a DVD recorder or is there a non-sky machine that can effectively do the same job? I didn't really want to get sky+ if there was no means to transfer stuff I want to keep onto DVD.

    Any thoughts would be really appreciated!! :)
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    They can all do this, use the program planner to switch and autoplay the sky programs you want, and the timer on the recorder to record at the appropriate time.
    Bear in mind that the plain dvd recorder can only record for 1 hour at top quality. 2 hours at good quality, and 4 to 8 hours depending on the make at much reducing quality. If you wan't to do more than this in one session without attending the machine to put in new media, or record at the best available quality for whole films etc you need one with a hard drive also installed, which in any event are much more versatile.
    eg if you have no hard drive it is difficult or impossible to edit the recording and produce a final recording that can be played on other machines, without the use of a computer as well, or a second playback machine compatible with the rewritable media the recorder uses.

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