Sky + and downgrading channel package


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I've got Sky+ and full channel package which i've had for over 12month if i downgrade to less channels by losing movies and sports will my Sky+ work or will sky want £10 extra per month for the sky+ features to work :rolleyes:
i had quick search through forum for same question but had no luck :(


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you have to subscribe to two prem packages,ie 2 films 2 sports or 1films and 1 sports or you will be charged the £10, so may as well have the two prems as there is little cost difference


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Thought i needed sports or films for it to be free :thumbsdow
Well if i downgrade i might aswell just have freeview if i need pay for sky+ features too work and then get rid of my sky+ box on ebay :laugh:


having all the movie channels works out at like £12-15 a month on top of standard package where as sky+ sub is 10 u may as well just get them theres bound to be something on it worth paying £2-5 a month for


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One thing to bear in mind also is this: If you cancel movies, say, but decide you want to retain Sky+ ..... all your recordings from the movie channels will be unplayable.

I downgraded my package, which included cancelling the movie package, but at the same time I arranged to keep Sky+ for a few weeks to give me chance to watch my recorded stuff. However, one of the recordings was a film off Sky Movies and as I no longer have SkyMovies selecting the film on Sky+ planner now just gives an info box giving the telephone number to upgrade my subscription!!


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