Sky+ and DD optical out - splitter?


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Wondering if anyone can help....
My 5.1 amp has 1 coax input (currently devoted to DVD player) and 1 optical (currently Xbox360 via an optical lead from the official RGB scart lead)
This weekend I received Sky+, not realising that it had an optical output.
Is there any way to connect the 360 and the Sky+ to the optical input (I have seen toslink splitters)? The problem I envisage would be that when I have the 360 on, the Sky+ will be still outputting a signal unless it is turned off. There could be the situation of the 360 being on while the Sky+ is recording.
My setup is hard to get to at the back, so a solution which doesn't invlove plugging something in and out contantly would be awesome.
Thanks for any forthcoming advice!


Age old problem and with a number of solutions

You can use a toslink switch , such as this

I used a splitter in reverse for years with sky+ & xbox . Sky just had to be in standby ( i had a maxview one from B&Q)

You could use a converter such as this

Or buy a new amp :D

Soulutions from £5 - £XXXX pounds take your pick


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