Sky+ and copying to VCR


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When you copy a programme from Sky+ to your VCR, is it still possible to watch another programme at the same time? Does it copy in the background or would you end up recording what you are watching if you come out of the planner whilst copying?


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SKY+ has a single decoder so whatever you are copying to a VCR will be the only thing you can watch at that time, you can still record programs during this process though.


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On a slightly different note, what happens if two programmes are being recorded at the same time and you want to record one of them onto a vcr, how do know which one will record onto the vcr?

Dr Downey

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You have to watch the one you want to record to VCR.

As the above post said, the Sky+ box only has one decoder, so as far as recording on a box external to the Sky+ box, you can only record what is being displayed on the screen at the time.


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