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Afternoon chaps

I am sure I read recently that Sky are looking to offer Broadband Internet access as part of their products.

Does anybody have any information on this such as regional availability, price, hardware requirements, time scale.

Already have the full Sky package and was looking at Broadband, but neither NTL or Telewest currently offer this in my area.

...better the devil you know...



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Isnt this something like you request via phone and get the data back via satellite.

I saw something the other day regarding satellite broadband from a european Broadband supplier, but it looked very expensive to start, like needing an ASDL modem and a satellite modem. But the monthkly charges were cheaper, should imagine it would be the same with Sky.


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Do BT offer ADSL in your area?

Depending on what you want it for satelite broadband could be useless.
Although its a very fast connection and is therefore good for large downloads because of the distance the data is traveling there is somewhat of a lag. This means it is worse for things like gaming than 56k. I presume this will also cause little, if any difference in browsing times apart from sites with large pictures etc.


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SKY are doing a deal with BT to supply the "no frills" ADSL product to SKY subscribers either in a new STB or an addon module for standard digiboxes.
This is a stupid idea!
ADSL is a very expensive option just for the privilage of using more interactive and shopping additions to the SKY D/Active format. Unless the connection was free and you paid for the content I can't see it working after all NTL STB's have cable modems built in and you pay a small fee for email/web access.

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