SKY+ and Amps/All in One Home Cinema


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Anybody connecting their Sky via their Amp - silly question, there are loads of you. Anybody happy with the sound they get from normal TV progs rather than DD Movies.

My TV (DD built in) used to pump out proper Prologic and anything. Having changed to a Marantz amp you only get Prologic from some programs, not from the majority of standard stuff like Coronation St.

I'd be interested to hear what you;ve got and how it performs, particularly if anybody connects their Sky to an All In One such as the Jamo.



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Yup. Our sky box is connected to the Denon AVC11SR Amp by S-Video and Optical cables. Usually, if it is a normal program, we'll whack the amp into 7 channel stereo.:clap:


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got mine connected to my dennon amp and normal tv programs sound fine to me, i use the dolby pologic 2 mode or sometimes the neo6 mode and sounds come through all the speakers


The majority of programes as far as i am aware are broadcast in stereo, although PL-PLII enhance any stereo source the program must be broadcast in PL-PLII to get "propper" surround sound.
My sky+ box is connected to my Yamaha 730 via optical, which is set to PLII (movie) and i get surround speaker usage via everything broadcast in stereo, it's not proper surround though just a matrixing effect.
For example i'm watching UKTV History right now about Margret Thatcher and my rear speakers are only outputting an echo/matrix effect of the front channels as the programe is only stereo.
Although everything sounds clearer via the pcm optical connection than with a standard analogue connection i think your expecting to much from your new gear, Coronation Street broadcast in PL why ??? :rolleyes:


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Thanks for the replies.

Coronation Street broadcast in PL why ???
Know what you mean but the DD onboard TV handles it admirably.

I swapped the Marantaz for a Teac G10 yesterday and have to say it is an improvement on TV.

Cheers Techno

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