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Being a parsimonious sole my father installed a 2nd hand analogue Sky system a while ago (signal from Astra I believe). Now there's not much on in English, & my father in law's getting rid of his digibox. Were my dad to swap the box, what else would he need to do to receive digital? Swap or re-alighn the dish? Swap the LNB? Im not sure how old the coax he has is, is that likley to need swapping ? Also he mainly watches a lot of cycleing on various 'sports' type channels (usualy in German or French). In fact this is his main satelite viewing, & its nature means the language isn't really an issue here. Would he still be able to find similar programs on digital without subscribing to any package? (As I infered, language not critical) Thanks in advance for any advice.


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The dish would have to be realligned (possibly changed, I am unsure) to face astra 2 28.2 rather than 19.2 of astra 1 analog. You may get away with cabling but I heavily recommend using at least CT100 cable otherwise you will probably suffer heavy picture loss. The LNB's will also have to be changed I.I.R.C. Finally I doubt he will recieve any foreign channels due to astra 2 being almost exclusivly sky based channels.

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