Sky & aerial problem, Sky RF loop goes fuzzy when introducing an aerial into sky box?


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:lease: HELP!
When combining Sky and an aerial the Sky RF loop goes fuzzy when introducing an aerial feed into the sky box????????:mad:

The aerial signal itself is good so is the sky but when I plug in the aerial feed into the "Aerial in" on the rear of the sky box, the RF loop "RF out 1" and RF out 2" go fuzzy, unplug the aerial from the box and the RF loop is fine.

The basic set up is this:

Aerial and Dish both on roof, Aerial has a mast head amp and a splitter on it one feed goes to a bedroom the other to the lounge into the mast head amp PSU then into the sky box, a loop goes out of the sky box into the kitchen and the other "RF out" goes to the lounge Tv, (dont wanna use scart) when it reaches the kitchen it goes into a booster then splits going to the kitchen TV and the other split cable goes up to the bedroom.

This is what I have tried so far:

Have replaced the mast head amp and PSU and the seperate splitter for a new combined amp and 2 way splitter, (NO LUCK) I then placed a variable attenuator between the PSU and the "Aerial in" turning it down the sky RF loop gets better :clap:but then it affects the aerial picture (unwatchable):mad::mad:

Any help or suggestions would be great, thanks in advance....!

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Change the Sky Box RF Channel number to one that doesn't interfere with your terrestrial signal.


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I did try that already forgot to mention, the RF channel in the secret menu was on 45, i changed it to 68 then retuned, same thing......??? is that just an idea or a definte answer? Thanks though!!!! :laugh:

Stevenage Neil

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Well in that case why didn't it work and sort it when I changed it to 68? :(:(

To expand a bit on Martin's excellent guide, Freeview, as does Analogue TV, transmits on a number of UHF channels in any one area.

You have to find a channel that isn't being used.


Like they said - try all the channels.
Or give up on the cable idea for the Sky receiver and use a videosender for that.


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:hiya::clap: YAY!!

Tried what you all suggested "Try changing the RF output on the sky box to a different channel" it was a bit of a process going through alot of channels but eventually I found a clear channel (36) and the picture is nice and clear now!
I found another thread on this issue, one answer he found worked was putting a variable attenuator on and that also resulted in a clear picture.
Thought I'd put my final result up as this may help others in the future with the same problem. Thanks to all once again! SORTED!:facepalm:


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