Sky 3D - using splitter box and 1.3 HDMI cables.


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Not a regular on here but looking for some advice please.

I've currently got Sky HD (full package with free 3D channel) in my back sitting room. I had my house re-wired a year ago and at the time I run some 10meter HDMI cables (Mark Grant Cables - G1080 1.3) from the sitting room through to the living room.

My plan was to use an HDMI splitter box to split the signal coming from the Sky HD box in the back sitting room so that it can feed to 2 TV's (one in the living room and one in the sitting room) and buy a new Sony 46HX803 tv for the living room.

My question is, will the 3D channel work ok on the new tv which is being fed from the SKY HD via this splitter box and a 1.3 HDMI cable?

2Way HDMI Splitter + Cable for

The reason I ask is that my local Sony Centre where i'm buying the TV from said that some 1.3 cables are fine for 3D and some don't work.


The 3D channel will work as well as any channel, but how well any channel will work through any specific HDMI splitter is another matter.
Your 1.3 HDMI cables are all you need and people have reported that 10 meters will work, but oddly the 2 meter one in the link is 1.4 though the splitter is not!
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Yes but i'd have to buy the TV in order to try it. If it doesn't work then I've got a 3D Tv with no 3D signal to it.
So either move the Sky box to the new TV or the new TV to the Sky box.

Your original question was whether you could "share" the signal.


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The cables/splitter should be absolutely fine :)



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