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This isnt a hardware issue so dont really know where to put it.....

Does anyone know where to find a decent list of what sky are showing on the 3D channel???

Checked the SKY 3D site and it listed the movie "highlights" Apparently another showing a Christmas Carol in January is more of a highlight than the the 3D premier of The Green Hornet this friday as it wasnt listed.

Also id like to see what SBO movies are going to be shown in 3D, i noticed final destination 5 is coming to SBO soon but there is no mention if it will be on in 3D, id rather pay sky a few quid than buy it for nearly £20 to probably only watch it once

welsh mussels

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i tend to go to my sky guide and go to the 3d channel you can look whats on in the next 7 days , Rio, Conan, Thor, kung fu panda 2,cars 2 , and transformers 3 dark of moon all on sky box office within the next seven days.


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That's what I do, it's a bit of a pain to have to scroll through each day though.

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