SKY 1 - Rebecca Loos........


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............milking it for the money or she has a conscious and doesnt want to be perceived as a 'homewrecker'?



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I have no idea who she is, but I presume Sky One is watchable (at least to Sky's extent) now they have presumably removed that vexing logo?

Ed Selley

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Well I hope she makes a great deal of money based on the fact that she won't be touched with a bargepole by any organisation or individual with a shred of common sense after this little publicity exercise.


Its funny how the woman is always blamed, lets think for a second hmmm yes shes milking this for money and yes she knew he was married but she was single and David Beckham is a married guy and shouldn't be playing the field, put the blame fairly and squarely on Beckhams shoulders where it belongs.

Ed Selley

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I'm not denying this for a minute- it is just that Beckham will undoubtably continue to be a footballer after this is over (with or without his skinny orange wife) whilst Ms Loos has to hope this action is sufficiently lucrative to offset the fact that she is now branded a kiss and tell expert.

dts borg

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Yes and we would all say NO thanks love if our wife's were away for a few weeks.

My God Rebecca your Naked :eek: What should I do:devil: :clap: :smashin:........

Just think if she said David was **** in bed!!!!!! Would he be picked for England :nono: .........:D

Ahhhh :smoke: all over


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Yes and we would all say NO thanks love if our wife's were away for a few weeks.
I can safely say that I would not betray my wife.

But back to the matter in hand, we're the proof that Becks has been unfaithful. Someone has just made an allegation and has been paid heavily to do so. This is apparrently acceptable behaviour.

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