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Discussion in 'Cable TV & Virgin Media TV' started by Astaroth, Jan 19, 2005.

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    I am unfortuantly forced to have NTL in my property due to not being allowed sky dish and freeview not having the channels we watch.

    At present the digibox is connected via RGB Scart to the TV and analoge connections to my AVR.

    I have had the NTL for about 9 months - when I first got it all the channels were about the same volume level

    now 9 months and 11 digibox's later (and who says NTL boxes are unreliable) the volume levels are significantly lower than all the other channels - normal viewing for any other channel is probably -60 to -55db where as Sky 1 often needs to be as high as -40db

    This has been a gradual problem and hasnt just happened over night.

    Is this something that NTL are doing or is there some odd thing happening with the input to my system - I assume that it isnt a digibox fault given that the progression has occured over the 11 boxes with no significant change when the boxes were swapped over


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