Sky, £1 installation back on!


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Order Sky digital online and pay just £1 for standard installation when you order Sky World and Family Pack. (offer ends 31.12.02).
I did this earlier this year and then reduced to the Family package after 1 month :)

P.S I don't work for them.

richard plumb

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just noticed this too. Getting it installed today. Can't remember if there are any dodgy boxes for TiVo control, but I'll soon find out :)

They said I can't reduce the package for two months though. Still cheaper than normal installation and get Sky movies over christmas


I posted this after having it installed two weeks ago. They actually delivered the latest Panny STB which goes well with the Panny tele & dvd recorder. Talk about luck! The STB retails at £300 with a dish so 12 months subscription is well worth it. Oh and I've now got a spare telephone extension in the lounge.:p
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