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Skoda Fabia Symphony

Discussion in 'Portable Disc & Media Players & Recorders' started by Yrrep, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. Yrrep


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    I recently bought a Skoda Symphony CD unit off a friend who had just replaced it with a pioneer head and cd changer.

    It replaced the original Skoda 201 cassette unit in my Skoda fabia 1.4 16 v comfort estate, however the fader control does not seem to work, fading to the rear speakers simply reduces the volume to nothing, only the fronts seem to work.

    I simply plugged it into the existing sockets .

    do i need to change any of the wiring?
  2. gizlaroc

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    Jul 26, 2001
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    I am not sure with the Skoda but I have an Audi and just changed the Symphony with the Nav+ and there are a couple of things it could be if they are the same.

    The symphony units have a pre outs and hi level outputs, and with the Audi you can have certain options, they are-

    Front and rear speakers driven by head unit

    Front speakers driven by head unit and rears by seperate amp

    Front and rear speakers sent out line level to an amp and teh amp drives all the speakers (bose option)

    You need to have the car programmed to tell the Symphony/chorus/nav etc. what combination you have in the car, if your car is programmed for Front and rear speakers driven buy head unit and you have an amp in there for teh rears then you will not get anything out of them.

    You need to give your dealer a call and tell them what is happening, they will run the VAGcom on it and set it up for you.

    Have a look at this page it may help.

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