Size or PQ - KDL40W2000 or 32PF9731D?


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After wandering the deserts of What LCD Should I Get? for about a year now, and getting intimately familiar with issues such as black levels, backlight leakage, banding, purple snakes, buzzing, MPEG artifacts, red push, fan noise, phosphor trailing, motion stutter and a trillion other flaws in just about every major line of TV, I am *still* to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

So far, I've narrowed my shortlist down to two sets:

Sony KDL-40W2000, or the Philips 32PF9731D. Both cost rougthly the same.

Now, I know that the Philips has probably the best PQ a reasonable amount of money can buy today, and I'm also not too bothered with the lack of 1080p. The Sony, from what I can gather from reviews and my own two eyes, has better-than-OK PQ, but not spectacular. However, my viewing distance will be about 3 metres, and I'm a bit worried that the 32" Philips is going to look a mite small at that distance, whereas the Sony should be just fine, size-wise.

Thus it comes down to this: which of these 2 sets will give me most "bang for the buck", and which one will be the most "future-proof" - i.e. which one will keep its value the longest, and keep me from feeling that I've got a decent telly, compared to new models on the market?

Thanx in advance - really appreciate any insights/thoughts you might have on this one.



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I think you have waited for too long to decide on a TV!!!!!!
You must get one this weekend, nuff said.

P.S. get the bigger one or you will sulk and try and jusitfy the smidging of picutre quality was worth it :confused:


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