Size matters (of screen that is)


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Well... I'm after advice about size of screen. We live in an apartment with quite a large lounge, but it divided in two with half devoted to a dining area and the other half devoted to lounge. Size of the lounge area is approx 14' x 14'. Current tv is an 80's CRT 22" which works fine and is not too small. However I have it in my head to get a widescreen digital, probably Sony Bravia. I wondered if people could advise on the appropriate size given the space. We sit between 8' and 10' away at the moment.

Anyone have sensible suggestions? :)


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what hifi reckon 32" between 2.5 and 3.5 metres, and bigger for over 3 metres...

I sit 3 metres from mine and have just ordered a samsung 40". Tested roudn a friends and sitting that distance is fine. Spose at the end of the day its what your happy with.,


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Thanks for that. I was looking at the 40" Bravia, but when I get the tape measure out it looks rather large. I think I may have to settle for the 32...

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