Sirius vs. XM (reception)

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    I recently purchased a Kenwood head unit for my truck along with a Siruis satellite set-up. Being a music lover, I was so excited about receiving my new toy. After braving the 20 degree temperatures installing the unit, I must say I was a bit let down with the quality of sound. Some channels sounded good, and some sounded bad(like a low quality MP3 file). Some even sounded like an AM radio station to me. NO channels sounded as good as a good FM radio station. So I figured thats just how satellite radios were. I was told that you can't really get better reception quality. Instead of static or a bad signal, you will just lose reception all together. (Same principle as most satellites) Well anyway, a few days after my let down, I sat in my friends vehicle with a freshly installed XM unit. I thought I was listening to a CD. It sounded beautiful! So... I'm looking for some feedback here. If you have Sirius/XM, are you pleased? Have you compared it to the other? Maybe I have bad equipment... I don't know. Any input will be appreciated.



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