Siren trouble with Visonic PowerMax Pro 433


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I read around in the forum but I guess my problem is a bit unusual. I manage a 3-story building with 3 separate PowerMax Pro 433 panels, all connected wirelessly to MCS 710 Fully Wireless Sirens. Because of estetic constraints, we couldn't have 3 siren boxes on the building facade, and the installer proposed to fit into one siren box the 3 separate wireless boards and connect them in parallel to one piezo element and one battery. It worked perfectly.
Now, two of the 3 panels complain that the siren is faulty, so I called the installing company but that smart guy is gone and the new one has no clue. He told me that 2 boards failed and he threw them away...
Problem is, according to the installer, Visonic doesn't make the MCS 710 siren anymore (I contacted them directly several times but no answers) and he claims that we have to change the whole system (sensors included) just to find a compatible siren. So here are my questions:
- Is there a way to make the surviving MCS 710 siren join 3 panels at the same time?
- If not, are there any other wireless sirens that are compatible with the PowerMax Pro 433? On another forum, somebody told me that the MCS 730 is the natural successor, but I'm not sure if it's compatible with my panel because I don't know...
-... how to read the panel's firmware version?
- What else can I do to avoid changing everything?

My biggest constraint is that where I live the installers are unreliable idiots.

Thanks a lot for your help,

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