Sir Henry Cooper


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I can actually remember watching the Cassius Clay fight. Gawd, I'm old!


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RIP another one of the greats.
What a shame that his passing is overshadowed by the death of a terrorist scumbag
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One of the best of British.

I saw him once live at a special interview at a club, I turned up too soon for what was going on afterwards unknowing Henry was there. I got invited in though.
Thoroughly nice chap all though I did slightly fall out with him for backing the conservatives as I did Bob Monkhouse, couldn't stay mad at them long though and a lot of star do it these days.
I never followed boxing or sport but use to watch it when our Henry was on same as Question of sport.

The gent even stuck up for Muhammad Ali's team when they pulled a stunt with the gloves that cost him a fight. Thats the true meaning of a sportsman, not many would do that I dont even think I would. Better man than I Henry.

R.I.P. Henry top man:smashin:
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RIP to a great man and a great sportsman. 'enry's Ammer was a beaut of a punch which even Ali respected!
Had the pleasure of meeting him at a book signing for his autobiography a few years back. A real vent who took the time to chat with me for about 5 mins! He seemed surprised that a "youngster" knew who he was! I told him that I was off to buy a bottle of Brut and that made him chuckle.

I've met lots of famous people over the years but he remains one of my favourites.

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