Single or dual charging pad for iphone 11/pro


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We both took the plunge to upgrade to 11, i got pro wife 11. As I understand it Apple have recently restricted charge to 5w lower than original 7.5w, where as others do 10w etc. So does it matter which pad I get as long as Qi compatible?
I understand it may not charge fast. To be honest 11 pro battery is now easily lasting me all day to.


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I don't think it matters that much unless you really need fast charging. Just be wary of cost - you can easily pay a huge amount for charging pads; I've been more than happy with Yootech chargers - they're cheap, work, and don't burn your house down.

Whether you get single or dual pads depends on how you feel. I have two upstairs (his and her side of the bed) and another one downstairs.


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Thanks, i took plunge on a single stand type yootech one, came with a faster AC adaptor but do find then it all gets a bit warm to, so think will just use lower usb slower charging.
Wifes 11 in leather flip case is to thick to charge so thats annoying still need wire for hers!
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